30 November 2013

Totally Breakdown !!!!!

很伤心,一波未平一波又起,真的那么倒霉么!!!!! 整个皮包不见,只找回已烧到一半的 IC ,Jusco Card , AIA Card , Watson Card , 其它的全部偷掉,咳。。。我的电话啊!!!!我的照片啊!!!还我电话阿!!!我钱给你。。。彻底的崩溃掉了。。。

17 October 2013

D.I.Y Homemade Curry Rice Cake

Here my style of recipe for cooking the Curry Rice Cake .

Hope you all can try to cook it and give me some comment , thanks ....

Ingredients : 
- Rice Cake 
- Water 
- Cabbage 
- Curry Powder 
- Sugar 
- Salt 
- Onion 
- Potatos 
- Chicken Stalk Powder
- Chili Sauce ,Black Pepper , Garlic (Optional) 

Enjoy !!!!! 맛있다

Watch it on Youtube : 

7 October 2013

Secret Recipe !!!


I know it's very late , but I still want to share some secret with you .

Duanwu Festival occurs on the 5th day of the 5th month of the lunar calendar every year .

During this festival , people will make a lot of different kind dumplings to celebrate and eat .

As for this festival , my Mom had make three kind of dumplings , Meat Dumpling , Red Bean Dumpling and Plant Dumpling for prayers .

The secret is my Mother's recipe for Meat Dumpling (shh ~~~ don't tell anybody ya) :


Forgot what this bean's name , hehe 

Pork ( seasoned )

Polished glutinous rice ( seasoned )

My favourite mushrooms .... saliva dropping ...  

Tada ...Finally finish , need to wait few hours only can eat ..... yum yum 

6 October 2013

Hearthbreaker !!!!!

One day around July month , while I searching something on Facebook , I type the name , it won't show out ,it keep loading and loading , then I notice something is going wrong .

She had UNFOLLOW me !!!!! (CRY ~~~)

We had known each other from primary school till now . It already 16 years plus we had been together . My #BFF . It's really make my heart ache so much .

I had no idea why she do this and what make her do this , but the only things I know is hurt .

We study in the same primary school and secondary school , even though we had fought once but you are always the #BFF I like , love and treasure much .

For that one moment , my mind went blank and tears drop . The next day I told her sister , she also shock about this news . She totally had no idea why her sister do this also . We din't had any argument or fighting , just like that ..... END .....

26 September 2013

Blogging Tips

How to Start a Beauty Blog : From The Beginning

Tips on Building Your Blog : Layout, Design and Blogger Settings

Tips on Building Your Blog : Promotion, Advertising and Gaining Followers

How to Make Your Blog Posts Look Visually Appealing : Part 1 Photos

How to Make Your Blog Posts Look Visually Appealing : Part 2 Text and Content

Scary ...

Wake up in the morning feeling like p diddy ~~~~~~ Tik Tok
Itchy itchy itchy , pain pain pain , blur blur blur  ~~~~~
Its happen again , my bloody swallow eye , get infected ..... again .....
Rub it , wash it even touch it also cannot  :(  π_π


Renovation on going ...

Yay , my new house soon to be done , can't wait to buy furniture , wallpaper and paint to decorate and style my own bedroom .
Thinking ...... what colour should i paint the wall ????
Hmm ... single bed or queen size bed ????
Ahhhh .... headboom !!!!!


25 September 2013

Newbie !!!!!

Yay , my first post . I finally decided to start a blog .
Hmm , I have no idea what to write and my brain is blank because of overly excited ....