6 October 2013

Hearthbreaker !!!!!

One day around July month , while I searching something on Facebook , I type the name , it won't show out ,it keep loading and loading , then I notice something is going wrong .

She had UNFOLLOW me !!!!! (CRY ~~~)

We had known each other from primary school till now . It already 16 years plus we had been together . My #BFF . It's really make my heart ache so much .

I had no idea why she do this and what make her do this , but the only things I know is hurt .

We study in the same primary school and secondary school , even though we had fought once but you are always the #BFF I like , love and treasure much .

For that one moment , my mind went blank and tears drop . The next day I told her sister , she also shock about this news . She totally had no idea why her sister do this also . We din't had any argument or fighting , just like that ..... END .....

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